Residential Household Distribution

Residential household leaflet distribution is a cost effective way to get advertisement for your business and it allows you to get your marketing message into the hands of your target market.  Running a leaflet distribution campaign means that you are sending your business message directly to customer’s letterboxes and your business can demonstrate innovation and creativity with every marketing campaign we develop with you.

Every day householders around Ireland check their letterbox to view leaflets, brochures and letters they get in the post and the majority of householders would stop and look at these great offers they have received and act on them. Leaflets can be viewed by all members of the household and that can increase the potential of a high return on investment and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.

When establishing a new leaflet distribution campaign you can select the desired distribution areas based on your requirements. Our excellent subject matter experts will assist you in creating the foundation for the campaign and seeing the campaign throughout all its phases from start to finish.

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