Quality management assurance

We emphasize the importance of quality all throughout our leaflet distribution process, as it is important to us that you will get the best service from us.
Here is how we ensure that your leaflets distribution will be of high quality:

What we need from you:

  • The text you wish to have on the leaflet
  • Logo is high resolution
  • Images you wish to implement – optional
  • The overall idea – optional


  • The leaflets are printed according to your requirements
  • GSM 130 is the standard but we have more options to offer you


  • We have distributors and supervisors in the field
  • We have GPS tracking to show the route walked
  • Barcode system implemented on all Boxes/bundles of leaflets


  • Telephone audits – calling random householders from the distribution area to ensure delivery
  • We have distribution Inspectors in the field
  • View the GPS tracking report

Want to view the distribution route?

We have developed a GPS delivery tracking software

Quality assurance is always important to us

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