Optimise your leaflet distribution campaign

Now that you have decided to run a leaflet distribution campaign, you are probably trying to work out the best way for it to succeed. There are a number of factors that can help you plan a successful leaflet marketing campaign:

  1. Look at the strength of the offer on your leaflet – It must have a “Call to Action & a Strong Offer  (Would it make you call or go to your store now ? if not you need to strengthen the “Call to Action”)
  2. Make your leaflet design “Stand out from the Crowd” – use good design and good colour choices – cheap design and paper do not get the same response as good designed leaflets
  3. Add an Incentive or money off coupon – this has a huge impact on response and you need to put a time limit on your Offer
  4. Time your distributionto match your requirements
  5. Select the correct distribution area, we can best match theservices you offer to a particular target market, using a demographic profiling system we can attract the exact audience you need to pull in potentially higher sales.